Mistakes that You Could Prevent Before the Wedding 

There is no perfect plan no matter how great you can be in making things perfect and possible. This is a kind of thing that we could not predict and we don’t actually wish to happen. This is going to be hard for others to accept that some mistakes and troubles could happen especially when you prepared things in advance and paid so much attention to the details. But you need to remember that it would be like this one when you don’t expect them to happen. It could be about the weather or the sudden emergency in that place.  


Of course, most of the people are expecting to have a better result especially during those memorable and important days in our lives. We wanted this one to be almost perfect since this one could happen once only. It is the same thing with the wedding preparations. That is the reason why others would like to get a wedding organizer as they can organize things properly and avoid those problems that may arise. They will be the one to contact with the flower stores, the dress, the reception and even the church that will be used for the venue of the wedding.  

We need to prepare in advance as well for those possibilities that we could not avoid. As much as possible we should not be irritated about this one as it could ruin the mood and the atmosphere of the wedding. If things can be fixed before the date of the wedding, then that would be very nice and good. There should always have the backup plan as you don’t want to postpone or to cancel the wedding here. This is the reason why others would spend and plan the wedding for more than one year so that they can assure that everything is fixed and ready.  

Of course, there are times that we don’t think about the time and we didn’t notice that it consumes too much like the time for the meal and the speeches. There are cases that those guests and special speakers would have a very long speech that it could ruin the schedule for the meal time. Of course, the caterer would have to consider this one as well since they could have another venue to go or to set up as well.  

Another thing that you didn’t see coming is the weather. Of course, we need to prepare this one especially if the venue is on the beach. There could be a chance that it will be sunny if this one is during the day time. There is a chance that it will be rainy depending on the weather forecast.  

The transportation of the guests could be considered as well as one of the problems. Not all of your guests could drive their own cars. Others have to take the public transport going to the venue or the reception. Of course, we could not stop as well those guests who like to drink too much beer. It would be very hard to control them.  

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